Murrah Buffalo Sales

Bharathi Dairy Farm supplies high yielding Murrah buffaloes at very good prices for customers all over South India.

Our Murrah Procurement Process
The breeding areas of Murrah buffalo is Haryana,Punjab and Gujarat. We have team of dedicated procurement professionals employed in these breeding areas. Our procurement professionals identify the genetically superior Murrah Buffaloes, check their yield and other health parameters before procuring them. These animals are then transported to our farm in Nellore district.
We make sure calves do not die during transportation. After the buffaloes arrive at the farm, we take personal care of each and every buffalo to stabilize the health and assist the animal to adapt to the climate. We make sure the yield is stable and consistent. Our vetinary doctor vaccinates for known diseases and monitors the buffoloes and the calves.

Our Murrah Sales Process

  • Only the best Murrahs with high yield and good health are made available for sales.
  • We only sell first and second lactation buffaloes.
  • We only sell buffaloes with healthy calves.
  • We advise the buyer to monitor the yield for atleast 2 milkings before buying the animal.
  • We do not follow any dubious practices to increase the yield.

Why should you buy Murrahs from us?
Our farm is in Nellore District, so customers from South India need not go to Haryana, Gujarat or Punjab to buy Murrah buffaloes.
Murrahs in our farm are stabilized for south indian climate and there are less chances of loss of yield or health issues.
We allow you to observe the animal and only if you are completely satisfied, you may buy the buffalo.

Transporting Buffaloes from North India has high cost overheads like transportation charges. Transporting Buffaloes from North India has high risks like death of calves, upto 50% drop in milk yield for few weeks, weight loss, etc Dealing directly with North Indian Murrah buffalo brokers is a difficult task and highly dubious with lot of malpractices. If not professionally handled, the Murrah buffaloes procured directly from North India will take a very long time to recover to normal state.

We assure you of our best service and will be happy to answers any questions or concerns.

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