Dairy Farming Project Report Preparation Services

As part of our Dairy Consulting Services, we prepare project reports specific to your project requirements. These project report can be used for getting loans from banks and also to entice investors. Our project reports also enlighten the new entrants with all the required information.

The project report will address the following aspects:

  • Commercial evaluation of the project
  • Farm layout
  • Shed design
  • Design for other housing structures like calve shed, labour quarters, office room, milk rooms ,etc
  • Procurement and installation of machineries like milking machines, cooling systems, chaff cutters, foggers, sprinklers, etc
  • Fodder selection, cultivation and silage making
  • Feed concentrate formulation, small scale feed plant
  • Animal procurement guidelines and herd management practices.
  • Manpower planning and management guidelines
  • Farm waste management (Biogas and Vermicompost generation)

Please fill in the enquiry form with your requirements. Our consultant will evaluate your requirements and will provide a cost estimate. The cost of preparing the project report depends on the complexity of your dairy farm project. Small scale dairy farm project reports will be prepared at nominal cost. The final report will be sent as PDF. We assure you that you would be happy with the project report.

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