What factors determine the price of a Murrah Buffalo?

Price of a Murrah buffalo depends on a variety of factors and varies from Rs 60,000 to Rs 1.3 Lakh as of 2017. I am listing few factors below which determine the price a buffalo:

  • Genetics: A Murrah Buffalo with a good heredity line is very costly.
  • Lactation Cycle: The lactation cycle also matters – usually second lactation buffaloes are preferred. A first lactation buffalo giving more milk will sell for higher price because it’s yield will be even more better in second lactation. A fourth lactation buffalo which gives the same milk as second will sell for a lesser price.
  • Milk Yield: The yield at the time of purchase and projected/recorded yield per lactation will affect the price.
  • Structure: The size, structure and shape of the buffalo also differentiates the price. A well built Murrah Buffalo with good height, heavy frame, good udder and tightly curved horn will sell for a higher price.
  • Time of purchase: The season of purchase also makes a difference – winters are cheaper as most animals give birth during that time and summer months are costlier as due to low supply of buffaloes and high demand for milk products such ice cream, butter milk, etc.
  • Place of purchase: The place of purchase also makes a difference (for instance the rates are usually high in Rohtak, Karnal and Hyderabad due to high demand for Murrah buffaloes).
  • Calf Gender: The price increases if the buffalo has a female calf. Also a male calf of high yielding buffalo with good genetic line will also go for a higher price.

You need to understand that Buffaloes are animals with unique characteristics and price vary on those characteristics. Overall you need experience to choose the right buffalo and to negotiate the price. If you are new dairy farming, it is better to take an experienced dairy farmer to purchase buffaloes.

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