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Bharathi Dairy Farm is a supplier of high quality dairy animals in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We primarily focus on breeding, buying and selling of good quality Murrah Buffaloes. Our farms are located in Hyderabad and Nellore. The Murrah buffaloes that we sell are already adjusted to the south indian climate. We believe and practice ethical treatment of our animals and take personal care of each and every buffalo. We supply high yielding Murrah buffaloes at very nominal price for customers in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Our Murrah Buffalo Price is compartively cheaper than other Murrah Buffalo suppliers in South India. Please submit the enquiry form with your requirements.

We also provide dairy consultancy services like preparing feasibility report and dairy farming project report for bank loans at a very competetive price. We can also link you to labour contractors who can arrange dairy farm workers from Bihar. We also supply best quality fodder seeds and Neem Seed Powder .

Dairy Farming Notes

Below are a list of dairy farming notes that we want to share with other dairy farmers which we thought would be useful to everyone.

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4. Improving Reproductive efficiency of a Murrah Buffalo

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5. Reasons for failure of modern dairy farmers

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7. Silage Making Process

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8. Managing Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle

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9. Importance of Neem in Agriculture

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10. Is it really better to sell milk than to work at MNC?

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11. Government/NABARD subsidies for dairy farming

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12. Visit to a Buffalo Dairy Farm in USA

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13. Gliricidia - High protein multi-purpose fodder

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14. Colostrum and it's importance

Colostrum is a very vital intake for the calf. To read it's importance, click here

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